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The Crohn's and Colitis Empowerment Package

2020 Crohn's And Colitis Summit Empowerment Package   $79.00
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Lifetime Access to the entire Crohn's and Colitis Summit experience with all Expert Interviews.

 FREE Bonuses ($1000+ worth)     FREE


A 4-Step Strategy for Calming a Flare-up of Crohn's/Colitis Disease

Promote long-term healing of the intestines by Dr. Michael Klaper

FREE Online Yoga - Enhance Your Immunity and Wellbeing


Get a Free in-depth health consultation from Alan Goldhamer D.C, Founder of TrueNorth Health Center

Total Gut Restoration Steps

By Microbiome labs


The Ignored Truth About Health

A Four-Phase protocol to prevent and reverse autoimmune diseases by Ravi Jandhyala and Mallika Allu


10 Ways to Activate your Vagus Nerve

Dr. Navaz Habib, Founder of Health Upgraded


10 Best and Worst foods for Health and Longevity 

By Dr. Joel Fuhrman


Bonus Gifts By Dr. Brooke Goldner 

Gift 1: Reversing Autoimmune disease with Supermarket Foods

Gift 2: Smoothie making video tutorial

Gift 3: Healing smoothie recipes


Infinity Health Manual by Billy Merritt (Founder of Infinity Greens)

The Essentials for the Longevity, Weight loss and Mind simplified


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Bonus Gifts by Christine Rosche

Gift 1:

The 4 Step Plan for Healing Leaky Gut - Interview with Optimal Performance Podcast - OPP#155 - Christine Rosche

Gift 2:

50% Discount on Gut Immunology – Sig A Assessment Only + 30 Minutes Consultation – $197- list price 397

Gift 3:

50% off the Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis without Parasitology- includes a 30-minute consultation - $397, list price $797