Top 5 Reasons why conventional medicine has failed to address chronic illness

Uncategorized Feb 04, 2020
Conventional medicine has failed miserably when it comes to treating autoimmune conditions. They are more into disease management rather than healing it. 
More than 50 million Americans suffer from one or more autoimmune conditions. 
  • One in two Americans suffers from at least one autoimmune condition
  • ​One in four has multiple chronic conditions
  • ​7 out of 10 deaths are attributed to chronic conditions
  • ​84% of $3.4 trillion spent in healthcare in the USA goes towards chronic autoimmune conditions
  • ​The rate of people diagnosed with chronic illness has doubled between 1994 and 2006
These statistics clearly reflect the mammoth failure of conventional medicine. Autoimmune diseases are skyrocketing. Today’s children will have a shorter lifespan compared to their parents. Imagine if this was happening to the animals in the zoo. Common sense says, first look at the food they are eating and the environment they live in. Why are we ignoring it when it comes to humans?
We, humans, love the idea of a silver bullet. If there is uncertainty about the payoff for our efforts, we panic. On the contrary, white coats offer a sense of comfort. The pills they prescribe offer instant relief from pain. Our debilitating thought process, fueled by capitalistic gains in the industry, has brought us into this vicious cycle. We start believing there is a pill for every illness. In this thought process, we miss the most essential aspect. Whatever conventional medication does to “fix” us is only a temporary bandage. The root cause of the illness was never addressed.
Conventional medication evolved when acute illnesses and infections were rampant. The same paradigm of treatment doesn’t apply to chronic autoimmune diseases. It can be caused by a myriad of things like stress, nutritional deficiencies, toxins, and a sedentary lifestyle. 
Modern medicine has never looked beyond the existing paradigm. This has led to suppressing symptoms with drugs and sometimes surgery. For example, if we visit a doctor for symptoms related to high blood pressure or diabetes, we will be given pills to suppress blood pressure or sugar levels for the rest of our lives. If doctors conduct a detailed analysis of the current lifestyle and suggest improvements, then it is highly likely that the root cause may be addressed. However, unfortunately, the emphasis is never on the root cause.
“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and 
expecting a different result” 

~ Albert Einstein
Every pill has side effects. Yet, generation after generation has been investing all efforts into creating yet another “magic pill.” The data is glaringly evident that this is not working. Yet we do the same thing over and over again.
Conventional medication should start investing in changing its delivery model. Overworked doctors barely invest 10 minutes to understand the patient's condition. This is by no means enough time to understand their lifestyle, diet and other contributing factors. Even if they provide the required information, patients will still need a support structure to implement them. Doctors should team up with health coaches to ensure their patients embrace a healthy lifestyle.
5 myths conventional doctors tell autoimmune patients
The fundamental reason why conventional medicine is failing is due to the myths propagated by the system that people assume to be true. If you have visited a doctor regarding your autoimmune disease it is highly likely that you might have heard one of the below statements from your doctor. 
Myth 1: You are not at fault. Doctors often say it is either your genes or random bad luck and therefore nothing you do matters. While some people have a Genetic predisposition, you have to understand that genes only load the gun, it is the lifestyle and environment that pull the trigger. Off late significant studies are happening in the area of Epigenetics. Epi means above and epigenetics means above genes. It is a study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. Increasing evidence shows that environmental and lifestyle factors may influence epigenetic mechanisms. It clearly tells us that the choices we take in our everyday life matter. 
When Mallika was first diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, the doctor told us that Asians are less prone to Crohn’s or Colitis compared to Americans. However, when the same Asians migrate to the USA their odds shift against them. Doesn’t this tell us that our lifestyle and environment play a critical role?
Myth 2: Natural non-toxic alternative treatments do not work. Doctors often are gonna shrug it off and say it is not your diet, not lifestyle or stress. Though it provides you the much-needed solace, it makes you completely powerless and fully dependent on them. You become a powerless victim. I'm not going to tell you that one herb, one ingredient or one pill, is going to cure it. If anyone says that, they are selling you snake oil. They are either providing a temporary solution or scamming you. Temporary solutions without changes in lifestyle and environment often find expressions in a different form. There is no magic bullet. You need to take massive action. It requires a few months or maybe a few years of commitment. Most people get lost in the myriad of misleading information available on the Internet. This is the reason they are angry, afraid and unhappy and get upset if you talk to them about lifestyle and alternative therapies. In this book, I will share a system that enables you to heal from within and reclaim your life.
Myth 3: Once diagnosed, your symptoms will only get worse. Doctors often tell you that once you are diagnosed you have to take medication, else your illness will keep getting worse. The reality is when you are suffering from symptoms of the disease they give you immunosuppressants or steroids. Doctors believe an autoimmune disorder occurs when the body's own immune system attacks and destroys healthy body tissue by “mistake”. Our body is highly intelligent and nothing happens by mistake. But due to this belief doctors go against immunity and try to reduce it. 
Immunity is the one protecting us from various pathogens and intruders in the first place. When I asked the doctor what happens if the immunity goes down, he said that reduced immunity would mean more susceptibility to infections. Weak immunity will no longer fend off the microbes. 
Immunosuppressants and steroids may work effectively to reduce symptoms. But our body is essentially a chemical soup. When you are taking these synthetic chemicals you are trying to alter the body’s natural biological chemistry. It may work initially to suppress the symptoms, but the body will eventually take a toll. It is like trying to stop the flow of water in a river, it will eventually find a different route. What you need to do instead is focus on the root cause. By just suppressing the symptoms you will encounter many side effects.
Myth 4: An autoimmune disease is an illness of a single organ. Conventional medicines approach to autoimmune disease is one of specialization. If you have Crohn’s or Colitis, they refer you to a gastroenterologist. If you have Hashimoto they refer you to an endocrinologist. All these specialists treat the disease as if it is affecting a single organ. Autoimmune illnesses are systematic. The human body is a complex and interconnected system. When you take a holistic approach, you will notice that your symptoms are no longer as bothersome and you start healing from within. 
Myth 5: Autoimmune diseases cannot be reversed. This is by far the biggest myth. In reality, autoimmune diseases can be reversed in most people by eliminating the triggers, getting rid of the toxic burden, healing your leaky gut and busting stress. We will learn about all of it in later chapters. When you address the root cause, your body will automatically start healing itself. 

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