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10 things you should start doing today if you are currently suffering from Crohn's or Colitis to kickstart healing leaky gut

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Learn how to reverse Crohn's or Colitis naturally

Lead a happy symptom-free life on your own terms not dictated by Crohn's or Colitis.

4 Step GHP Protocol to overcome IBD


Identify and remove all the trigger foods and toxins lurking in your environment that are directly and indirectly contributing to your chronic illness


Reset gut with a diet specifically geared towards IBD patients. Maximize digestion and absorbability with diet optimized based on flare levels


Accelerate gut healing and fix leaky gut with fasting, exercise and supplementation. Bring a proper balance of gut micro flora.


Get close to nature. Learn the art of listening to the body. Align your mind, body and energies with yoga and meditation

Our body is a beautiful ecosystem that has the inherent capacity to heal

Provide the right conditions. Stop addressing the symptoms and focus on the root cause of your illness.

Mallika Allu and Ravi Jandhyala

Mallika Allu and Ravi Jandhyala are Authors, Speakers, and Coaches. Motivated by an immense passion for healthy eating and healthy living, they deeply care about the well-being of people.

Both the authors were busy ascending the ladders of the corporate world and in the process put their physical, emotional and mental health in the backseat. This took a toll on Mallika’s health and she was soon the victim of a chronic degenerative disease “Ulcerative Colitis”. Severe inflammation ravaged her body, stripped all her energy and left her in despair. With each passing day, she had difficulty even going through daily activities. Medical doctors and professionals insisted on immunosuppressants and steroids to keep her inflammation in check and finally might have to surgically remove her gut to resolve the issue.

Driven by a strong motivation to breastfeed our baby and provide her a fabulous life, Mallika took charge of her own health. Frustrated with often contradicting and confusing nutritional advice, the authors researched numerous medical journals and connected the dots with ancient roots. This knowledge helped Mallika immensely in reversing her autoimmune disease. Later the authors successfully coached others reverse their autoimmune diseases using the same strategies.

The authors believe that Ignorance of health will lead to disease and in this book, The (Ignored) Truth about Health, they provide the readers a roadmap and all the necessary knowledge with a step-by-step protocol that can be followed to reverse autoimmune diseases. Our body can self-heal from most of the ailments when provided with proper nutrition, balanced emotions, healthy habits, and a toxic-free environment.

The authors wanted to spread this phenomenal knowledge to help people embrace health and put an end to their suffering and hence decided to write a book.

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The advice given within these pages is for information purposes only and in no way supersedes any prior advice given by a medical practitioner, registered dietician or nutritionist.This information is not intended as a medical advice and doesn’t replace any one on one relationship with a qualified medical care professional. If you choose to follow the dietary recommendations and feel that it is affecting you adversely or that you are feeling negative side effects in any way then you should cease it immediately and consult your doctor. The entire contents of this document are based upon the opinions of Mallika Allu and Ravi Jandhyala and any mentioned sources, unless otherwise noted. Neither Mallika Allu or the publisher of this content takes responsibility for possible health consequences of any person or persons reading or following the information provided in this educational content. If the person reading this has a medical concern, he or she should consult with a medical doctor


10 Steps to Heal Leaky Gut

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